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Increasing audience engagement through
interactive media

Use the power of interactive media to engage and captivate your audience, allowing you to share your business message effectively, leading to increased ROI.

The power of Interactive media


Active Participation

Unlike traditional media forms, interactive media encourages active participation rather than passive consumption. Users can shape their own narratives, make decisions, and influence outcomes, thereby fostering a sense of agency and personal investment in the content. This active participation leads to a more personalized and impactful experience.


Results Driven

By providing interactive and immersive experiences, it creates a deeper level of engagement, increasing the likelihood of users spending more time on your platform or content. Increased engagement can lead to higher conversion rates, customer loyalty, and ultimately, a positive impact on ROI.


Competitive Advantage

Embracing interactive media and staying ahead of the curve can give your business a competitive edge. By adopting innovative technologies and providing unique interactive experiences, you differentiate yourself from competitors and attract a larger audience. This can lead to increased market share, customer loyalty, and improved ROI.

How we increase engagement:

Interactive Video

The next evolution of video is here. Interactive video. Go beyond watching with interactive tools.Allow your prospects to purchase direct from your video.


We incorporate interactions, video and assessments, microlearning, animations, and make it SCORM compliant so it will play on your LMS, or on any mobile device.


Let your Presentation slide deck be your sales champion. Your business will grow as a result of our bespoke, tailored slide deck.

We make your content shine

Through our innovative and dynamic approach, we leverage the power of interactive media to create an immersive and engaging experience for your audience.



Trust us to make your content shine, tell your story, and stand out in today’s competitive digital landscape.


Our clients coudn't be happier

“Cormac from Interactivemedia provides an outstanding professional service.” He researched out style, theme and website before providing us with a presentation which can be used in so many ways. Five star customer service, with very talented work!".
"Cormac has helped me to optimise my use of the LearnDash platform. He has improved my current course offer and provided a template for future courses I might want to create. His service is professional, timely and precise and I would highly recommend Cormac."
"I am a client of Cormac's on visual presentations and I have found Cormac to be an excellent teacher and mentor. He spent time understanding my specific requirements and put forward a custom training program which has proved very useful. He is a consummate professional."
Conor Dowd
Snr. Marketing Manager, AMCS
Client Logo
PhoenixRize ConsultingPhoenixRize Consulting
18:14 14 Sep 21
It was a real pleasure working with Cormac in designing our eLearning courses. He delivered excellence, provided outstanding service and was always quick to respond to requests. I highly recommend his services and definitely look forward to more collaborations.
Barry BerminghamBarry Bermingham
13:59 15 Jul 21
I contracted Cormac and his team to create a company brochure. I gave Cormac very little information to go with but Cormac developed and designed an amazing brochure for my company. This was done very professionally without much involvement from myself. I would have no hesitations recommending Interactive Media. I look forward to working with you again in the future.
Susi LodolaSusi Lodola
08:57 06 Jul 21
Cormac has helped me to optimise my use of the LearnDash platform.He has improved my current course offer and provided a template for future courses I might want to create.His service is professional, timely and precise and I would highly recommend Cormac.
Beauty Ninety6Beauty Ninety6
07:48 21 Jun 21
Cormac from Interactive media provides an outstanding professional service. Helping us to get our message across with imagery aswell as wording is so important, Cormac researched our style, theme and website prior to providing us with a presentation we can use in so many areas. Five star customer service with very talented work, thank you!
Martina WilliamsMartina Williams
07:34 07 May 21
I recently invested in Create your Pitch Deck for a presentation I was doing to tell the story of my business. The interactive training was totally client led so I could fit it into my busy schedule. It enabled me to tell my story, elevated me to present my brand image in a great light throughout the pitch deck and from being able to tell my story susinctly I had 2 new client leads at the end of my presentation form the audience I presented to!
Stephen Mc LeanStephen Mc Lean
10:42 04 May 21
Superb service. Great value for money with striking graphics to really help my presentation stand out. The PowerPoint that Cormac helped build is already getting used every week with very positive feedback from clients so it's extremely good value in terms of return on investment.
Anthony DoranAnthony Doran
18:56 02 Feb 21
I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product delivered to me by Cormac. I gave him a rough idea that I had in my head and within 1 day, he presented my idea but in so much more detail than I could of imaged. It really looks incredible, over the moon with the service. Thank you guys
Una CrillyUna Crilly
11:56 24 Oct 20
Cormac is extremely helpful, responds quickly to requests and delivers a very professional product. Cormac supported me with developing power point slides for my business. I would highly recommend his services/
KittyKath _KittyKath _
09:40 24 Oct 20
Interactive media have been a pleasure to work with, from conception to completion. They took our brief and brought it to life with lots of interactions and animations. Our users gave great positive feedback on the course. I would highly recommend Cormac and the team for their professional service and bespoke elearning solutions.
felix randallfelix randall
15:19 13 Jul 20
We were very pleased with final project delivery. The pricing was extremely reasonable. Our go-to eLearning company now.
Brad BradburyBrad Bradbury
12:09 12 Jul 20
Exceptional service from Cormac, Saoirse and all at Interactivemedia. We had a large project in multiple languages that was turned around before time. We will be going back for more projects going forward.Surprisingly less expensive than the other eLearning providers who quoted us also.