Inexpensive and customisable but needs time investment.

LearnDash is used by Fortune 500 companies, major universities (e.g. John Hopkins) and training organisations, as well as entrepreneurs selling online learning content. In other words, it’s a popular choice; and there are reasons for this. 


In their own words, “ With LearnDash, you can build a platform for your courses without limiting your options. It has the scalability to grow with your organization, and the flexibility to accommodate your needs as they change”.


LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin that can connect directly into your WordPress website so you can offer online learning as part of your core offering or as a complete online learning platform.


According to David Attard at CollectiveRay, the intent is to make learning accessible to anyone and make the creation of online courses as straightforward as possible.





What it’s not


Learndash is not an ‘out of the box’ ready to go, fully functioning, user-friendly LMS. But, with time invested and some extra money for premium plug-ins (depending on your needs), it can be.


If you plan to just use the existing functions within LearnDash, not use SCORM compliant or Tin Can/xAPI authoring tools and take advantage of some other free plugins LearnDash can serve you or your businesses needs. 


Learndash is not the visually appealing and instantly user friendly LMS, like say, for example hosted LMS’s such as TalentLMS or Absorb are. As this is a large application with many options, the learning curve is substantial, but worth the time required to master it. And on this note, you are as well off to invest that time as when it comes to  support, you are more or less on your own. I submitted a support query and never received a reply, and I’ve heard other such tales of woe. 


Learn dash is not a gamification-friendly LMS. It currently requires you to integrate with something like BadgeOS for doing badges and further gamification. It is not hard to set this up, but like many plug-ins I can think of, would be nice to have this feature built in by default! 






What it is


LearnDash is a fully customisable, flexible, inexpensive owner-controlled, WordPress hosted plugin, which provides you with an LMS. It  allows you to create unlimited courses directly on your site and make regular revenue.


A large portion of LearnDash users sell their courses using one of the many methods provided. You can use a shopping cart, built-in options like Stripe or PayPal, membership plugins, custom forms, and so on.


When you look at the top eLearning platforms worldwide, they spend thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of euros and dollars to create their learning platform, with all the required features and options. While LearnDash will offer you all those features for a much reduced price, the caveat being that you, or your web developer is willing to put in the time investment necessary to build up your LMS via LearnDash and third-party plug-ins. 





In Summary


LearnDash is an LMS that proves that technology doesn’t have to be complicated to offer lots of features and options. Navigation is logical, course creation is fairly straightforward, there are lots of free add-ons to take it further if you need to, and the plugin offers fantastic value for money.


To get the best out of LearnDash you will need to invest time and some extra money into purchasing and installing LearnDash owned,  or third-party plugins. It does help to be familiar with WordPress or have access to a developer. 




We offer advice and help with LearnDash.


For any advice on any aspect of LearnDash, feel free to reach out to Cormac.

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