What LMS should we use? ‘ A common question among clients.

A common Question



In my work as an eLearning consultant I am often asked the question ‘What LMS should we use? Or a variation on this; which is the best lms?’. This isn’t an easy question to answer without knowing the client’s unique requirements. Some of the factors to be taken into consideration include, type of organisation, number of user’s per month, pure elearning or blended learning? Size of organisation? Will there be a a dedicated person dealing with all LMS technical issues? And probably the most important, what the client is willing, or can afford to pay.


It has never been more important to choose an educational Learning Management System (LMS) tailored to your institution’s needs. But with the myriad choices available these days, that can be a daunting task. If the wrong choice is made, and I’ve heard this happening many times, a company can be left locked into an LMS contract which is not the right one for them, costing them more money than it should, and all a waste of time as the company must now go and choose another LMS anyway! Well, the good news is I’m here to help you avoid these common pitfalls. I’ve already done the research and have first hand experience using all the major LMS’s and even some of the lesser known ones.


Two Extremes


On the higher end of the scale price-wise have used Absorb LMS extensively, and can say if you are a a medium-to-large-size business with a large number of employees to train, or looking for a well designed option for your own elearning enterprise, this is a very attractive platform, with its user-friendly interface, reporting tools and excellent customer service. Though you will pay for this privilege, so be prepared.


At the opposite end of the scale, where one is on a very tight budget and has the time to get familiar with it, LeanDash LMS is a WordPress plugin which is not costly …as long as you don’t have to add too many extra paid for plugins. The pros for LearnDash are that you only pay one very low yearly licence and you can have as many users and courses on your own LMS, sitting on your site (so SEO benefits too) as you want, or as your hosting package allows. This option does need somebody who understands the plugin so it could mean extra costs if a person has to be paid to look after this.


These are just two options, and there are many many more. I would usually do a full consultation, fact finding mission with an organisation to find our its exact requirements. Every LMS has its pros and cons and its important that an organisation knows these before making any decision. I help an organisation by taking them through a trial LMS so that they can see how their training sits on the platform.


I am happy to speak with anyone regarding their own requirements and I am available to discuss this at any time, so please reach out!






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