You Can Create an Online Course for Free

Yes, the title is true – and not only can you create an online course for free but you can also sell it too. And make money from it.

There are so many options for online course creation out there right now, especially with the explosion in demand for online arising from necessity due to the latest Coronavirus. What LMS to choose? Should I choose an LMS? What about all these new platforms – ranging in price from €34.99 to one off payment which can amount to €2000.00. over the year.


So many options!

Thankfully there is an easy option. TalentLMS allows you to have an account with up to five users and ten courses. You can sell your courses within the LMS and you can also link your site to the LMS via API. The content creation within this LMS is very simple too and you have lots of variety; from video, audio, simple image and text, presentations, web content, SCORM, Flash and iFrame. You can include texts, assignments (with feedback) instructor led training (set up via Zoom for example) and even surveys.


So, if you want to set up an online course for free I highly recommend this. If you do look into it and you find you need some help, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m passionate about eLearning and course creation so I would be more than happy to help!


There are some  basic rules to be followed when designing your eLearning course. With the myriad new courses out there designed by those with no experience there are some glaring shortcomings.  I’ve taken a first-timer’s course on ‘wellbeing’ and I feel tormented by the heavy disco beat he chose to put into a rather off-putting  video, only to get through the whole course and not be awarded with a certificate! These are all things to be avoided. 

Reach out for help!